The decoration of the kitchen

If you can read a magazine for home decorating. The launch site has been designed rooms. See that the decoration is quite diverse nowadays. The kitchen is the same. We have many new options. It can also be useful to use it well. In order to design your kitchen for your use as possible. The first thing to do. Is to analyze your needs.

The kitchen … If you are someone who likes to cook and the kitchen was. Layout of the kitchen should be a Thai kitchen. This strength is largely due to the counter, a concrete structure can be lower mortars pounded on the counter chopped it. In addition, the smell is involved. Ventilation is important. If you live in the capital and the kitchen is a cook. It is easy to use for the modern kitchen is equipped with facilities. And beautiful simplicity. But if you want to show my kitchen, and a lot of space in the house. You may choose to show my kitchen. The kitchen of this type will look outstanding. With floating desk.

Open to the rest of the house. Counter and a high chair for a meal. But if you live in condos or apartments. Kitchen will be finished or semi-finished. Which must be measured carefully before installation and the model is brought into harmony with the decoration of the apartment.

Location of the kitchen … the direction of the room should be in the direction of his or opaque. Should have the moisture out of sunlight. We have good ventilation. The transfer window has a good wind. To see some sights. Should be positioned near the kitchen, dining and parking is close to that of the home buying process easier. If your home has a spacious area with a greenhouse. The kitchen is separated from the outside the house.And the food preparation room, known as the Food Pantry from the main kitchen or food preparation without the hassles and no smell.more information at her latest blog post.

Lighting in the kitchen … cooking works count as one. So the light is so important. The bright light in the room. Must also focus on the work which must be twice as bright as the brightest room. May be installed under the kitchen cabinets above the counter. The lights hanging down from the ceiling.

The layout of the kitchen … with a focus on functionality as this one. The positioning of the stove, sink and refrigerator should have a working model of a 3 (Work triangle) by the space available for the end plates or end of the basin. Stove and refrigerator as well. The plan can be different types of expertise and use of each one.

• The Model U: This is a stove, refrigerator and sink. The wall on each side. With that much space. This kitchen is very flexible. It will have a locker room for more.

• The Model L: This format uses two side walls of the kitchen. The refrigerator is usually at the end of the length L of the basin is in the middle of the wall the same. And perpendicular to the short side of the stove in a house with a size L is suitable for medium and not a partition (Open Plan).

• The Model G: This form is used 2 pieces of each side wall in the corner and take the third is in the island (Peninsula), which is often a sink or stove. This helps in the kitchen cooking with a separate dining room or living apart, but still connected to each other. For those who want a show kitchen.

• The Model I: a kitchen, either through the middle. Everything in this kitchen. Are very close at hand. Thus facilitating better. Ideal for the kitchen that does not require much space.

• The long lines (One Wall Kitchen): The kitchen is laid out in a single row against the wall.Ideal for homes with less space. However, it is less convenient than the others.

Equipment in the kitchen … because of the relatively rough. The materials used in the kitchen must be durable and resistant to moisture and heat. The easy thing to do is to clean them regularly. For copper cookware you can look at the best steam cleaners to keep things germ free.

Terrazzo floor tiles or wood flooring to feel warm, but the problem is dirt simple. Or vinyl flooring is easy care. Easy to clean. It is worn as well for the walls should be easy to clean materials such as glazed tiles. Mosaic tiles. Do not use wallpaper because it is dirty. May be caused by fungi. The kitchen counter. Use plywood or sheet materials. MDF and close the Top of the counter surface, laminate, granite, marble tile, or they may cover the surface of laminated MDF.If you like the most durable. It may be stainless, both set at all.


Colors in the kitchen … to activate. Use bright colors to decorate the kitchen. The soft colors for eyes. The dark color makes it easy. May be used as a small area or move frequently.go to for more updates and detailed information.

The roll will depend on your taste. But anyway. You should view it in the kitchen.Allow natural light into the scene in the kitchen. From the home routine and are subject to many Kyad may become a hobby and make cooking fun at all.

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