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Kitchen – the heart of every home. No other part of the dwelling will not be able to create such a strong and pleasant atmosphere of coziness and warmth, which creates a home kitchen. All we are in the kitchen a lot of time – where we prepare breakfast and dinner, relax, watch TV, and listen to music, read a newspaper or just talk. Kitchen – an integral part of our lives and that is why the process of selecting a new kitchen must be handled carefully and responsibly, because of how we will have will depend on in our house almost everything.

Working with a kitchen there are some factors to consider:

•> You will stay within the limits of your current kitchen?
•> Would you like more space?
•> You will expand into other areas of your home?
•> You think of an addition?

This is the time to start thinking about preparing a preliminary budget. This can help eliminate frustration later raising expectations more realistic about the whole project cost. The good news is that there is a variety of options available to fit any budget. And also consider purchasing appliances that have a wide range of uses:

There are several options for the kitchen environment: normal (along the wall), kitchen-galley (parallel rows of furniture), corner (along the two walls), U-shaped (along the three walls), kitchen island (all the furniture in the middle of the room).

Your choice will primarily depend on the size of the kitchen.

•> Basic kitchen suitable for small spaces. All the furniture in it stands along one wall. In a kitchen wall to the ceiling can be used for extra shelving. Disadvantage: can be crowded kitchen cabinets, and there would be little free space. But this is not a problem if the office kitchen is expected to eat ready-made meals.

•> Kitchen-galley consists of two rows of furniture. This type of cuisine is appropriate when windows and doors are at opposite ends of the room. The minimum width of a kitchen – 240 cm

•> Circular kitchen – the most common variant. All are nearby and there is room for dining table.

•> U-shaped kitchen gives you great scope for the work. But for a kitchen needs a lot of places – at least 8 m2 area.

•> Kitchen Island – more home option. It provides additional work surface, fixed or mobile, in normal or angled kitchen. But for this island should be a lot of places!

When buying a new kitchen set is very important to take into account many factors.

To create the individual image of your kitchen you first need to determine what style will be executed headsets. For the classic kitchen unit is characterized by natural materials, soft lines and elegant decor.

Modern kitchen interior provides more room for experimentation. For this style is characterized by thoughtful functional solutions, the clarity of forms and the absence of stucco decoration.

The main feature of the style of “country” is a cozy, rustic design. The furnishings of premises used exclusively natural materials: wood, stone, cork cover.

If we talk about color kitchens, It is generally better to avoid saturated and contrasting colors and complex patterns on the working surfaces of tables and small areas of walls.

Must choose carefully materials for the facade, housing and tabletops. For example, the facade can be made of solid, veneer, plastic, glass, particle board, etc. In general, it turns a lot of options, including the need to choose “your”, which is ideal for your design.

Convenience food largely depends on its planning, when incorrect placement of furniture the size of the kitchen lost its relevance. Also it is necessary to find out the correct location of particular items of kitchen furniture and appliances. Indeed, without an oven, stove and refrigerator in the kitchen becomes a mere collection of furniture.

It is important not to forget and about lighting (ceiling light, work light, the light away from the walls, the light above the dining table), because of the lighting in kitchen and appliances may look quite different than on the exposition in a store, where everything is thought out.

Should also determine whether to use food as a dining room, and I need a dining table and chairs, and if so, how to pick up the pieces, based on the design of the kitchen …

Kitchen-galley with equipment

In the galley kitchen, all equipment and cabinets are placed along one wall, so their position becomes very important. You are well accommodated in a kitchen, especially if it will use one person. But it will require careful planning, if two people want to be there together.Go straight from the source if you need more information.


•> Clearly define areas for different functions – preparing food, cooking and washing dishes. This will help to minimize the collision of two men, both located in the kitchen. This is important in a very narrow kitchen-galley.

•>Think about how to put the refrigerator door. Then he can get it necessary, without interfering with those who are in the kitchen.

• > Standard kitchen-galleys, as a rule, are continuous, so the floor is better to choose wear-resistant, coating.

•> Since the area of such food is not great, the material for the floor you do not spend too much. So choose the best floor covering, which you can afford. It will last for many years.
Cabinet doors

•> In the kitchen-galley best seen strict lines. Light wood or laminate flooring will help to visually enlarge the space and will reflect light.

•> Think about how to make cabinets to order. In this case, they fit perfectly into the space.

•> It is worth thinking about sliding board for the preparation of products (this may be cutting board for meat). You will not only increase the working surface, but also be able to do their work without interfering with another person located in the kitchen.


•> The height of the working surface may be different if prepared in the kitchen two people of different heights. Keep that in mind when planning a kitchen and buy furniture.

In the kitchen, a galley with the equipment along one wall does not “work triangle”. All the major jobs are on the same line. Reduce movement, placing the work surface for preparing food between the sink and stove.

Provide a free surface next to the fridge to make it convenient to lay out the purchase, before you remove them in the refrigerator, or select products when you are going to more updates about planning a kitchen at

Two separate working surfaces will allow two of fiddle in the kitchen at once.

Make sure that the oven door is located next to the kitchen door, free to open.

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