How to Choose a Great Wood Countertop for Your Kitchen

Though there are multiple options available, people tend to look for unique choices and out of box ideas. Wood countertops of any style and color add extra beauty to your kitchen. Unlike the stone counters, wood countertops provide warmth, texture and color along with a smart surface for preparing food. Wood countertops represent green modeling and are gathered from recycled sources. Moreover, wood countertops are completely biodegradable once they are utilized for their lifetime.for more details, visit our updated blog post.

Here are some handy tips on how to choose great wood countertops for your kitchen.

Consider your needs

Make sure what exactly your needs are and act accordingly. Whether you want to create a food countertop or just an artistic platform, you still have to make sure what your utilities are. Besides this, you should also know if the wood thickness really matters at all while installing countertops in your kitchen. Based on the answers you figure out, you can avail 3 options of wood.

• End grain
This is the chef’s choice for cutting and chopping. The wood fibers accept the knife easily and the knife marks disappear upon cleaning.

• Edge grain
This type can be used for direct chopping and give aesthetic presence in your kitchen. These are used in the most modern style kitchens.

• Flat grain
Here the wood pieces are wide and flat and used for furniture tops. However this kind of wood shows off any scratches or cut marks easily.

Know what type of wood you need

This feature depends on your needs again. The type of wood literally means, the color of the wood, quality, price range, right hue and how much wear and tear should the wood be able to handle. Wood like maple, bamboo, ash and oak are light toned and wood from mahogany species have a red hue. While many others like walnut and wenge come in brown shades.for more information, visit the original source.


While color, texture, look and feel of wood is important, likewise, durability is most important feature of wood that can never be neglected. Durability is the feature of wood that describes its resistance to dents, ants, scratches and wear and tear. Woods like mahogany and Lyptus are some quality of wood which prove to be more strong and durable as compared to other types.

Finishing is important

As usage is important, maintenance of wood is also very essential. Spending money on countertop is a great investment. People would definitely prefer to install countertops with care-free surface than periodically oiling the surface. Protecting the wood finishing is quintessential as direct chopping, though done accidentally can harm the wood and its finishing. Permanent wood finishing is essential to protect it from water and other moisture causing agents. Also be sure everything in your kitchen can be used on wood counters. If not consider replacing items that will easily scratch it. Read a few suggestions.


Protecting your countertop

If the wood is subjected under heavy wear and tear, like keeping heat utensils on the counter or chopping the vegetables directly on the wood surface, the wood countertops will definitely get damaged. Regularly using cleaning with detergent, applying mineral oil for finishing gives aesthetic presence to the countertops.

Whatever kind of wood you use, you will have to use variety of countertops depending upon styles used for other parts of your kitchen at

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