Make A Small Kitchen look Larger

Your kitchen is too small. It seemed to make cooking or entertaining, or not?

You’re frustrated with the space you have it? Although you can not really make the kitchen larger. But there are things you can do to make the kitchen look larger.

Put the light out.

To brighten the kitchen can make it up immediately. If you have a window in the room. Do not close the curtains or blinds. I opened it to let light into the kitchen area lights up and makes a natural transition to a halogen lamp (halogen) or Accent lighting (accent lights), it makes the room look brighter. You may have to modify something in the room to install permanent lighting. But it helps to see a larger kitchen area.

Use light brighter.

Wall or ceiling a dark color will make the room look smaller in reality. Let’s see the color of your kitchen. It was dark or not? Just put up a bright color, it makes the kitchen look larger.If you do not like it, try using a white light yellow or light blue. This will help add a little color with a small kitchen, but it will make the area look larger.

Hide the furniture and appliances.

Although sometimes necessary to have a table in the kitchen. But you do not need to store it in the kitchen. Imagine a table that can be folded and leaning into the corner, or hanging on the wall. This will make your kitchen look larger or have larger moment. If you need a desk all the time, really. Work on the layout of the island, if possible, because it will make you more space for storage especially if you use stack-able pots and pans: And even if the counter is sticking out a little, you still have a table for dinner. I used a bar that can slide out under the counter to save it. Area of the panel (panel) on the refrigerator, freezer, it can make it go away and nothing is sticking out. This will make a small kitchen area look smoother and more, more tips here.

High rise.


I may have to change your cabinet to a kitchen look bigger. Cabinet, the cabinet should be high, and almost on the ceiling. To make the room look higher. If you do not want to box against the ceiling. I try to make a ladder. This not only allows a small kitchen look larger.But you also have more cabinet space in a hidden place of the drip on the counter. The store’s opening, it makes the kitchen look bigger as well. More small kitchen look larger updates at

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