7 Things to Know Before Replacing Kitchen Counters

Kitchen countertops give an aesthetic look and feel for your kitchen. Despite of the regular wear and tear while cooking, chopping and cleaning, it is essential to make sure that the kitchen counters still look good. Every material has its own lifetime and after certain amount of time they get deteriorated. It becomes quintessential to replace the worn out kitchen counters after a certain amount of time to give a fresh look for your kitchen.

Here are the top 7 tips you need to be aware of when you plan to jump on replacing the kitchen counters.

1. Countertop material

If you have a lower budget, or like your countertops and do not want to get rid of it, then you can revitalize the surfaces. You can polish the laminated countertops if you see scratches, patches, paint, tiled or re-laminated over the existing surface. Chipped counterparts can be repaired using epoxy glue.for more information, get redirected here.

2. Cabinets

If you are trying to replace plastic laminate countertop with a stone one, make sure that the cabinets and the floor are able to withstand the weight. If you have plans of upgrading the changes in future, then you may not want to replace them right away. It really depends on what kind of material is used to decide if it is worth replacing or not. If it is granite or quartz then certainly it is difficult to remove and would cost more to replace than to repair.

3. Plumbing

If you are replacing tile countertop with a solid surface with any other material, the cabinets may still stay in place. However, sink needs to be replaced most of the times. In case the countertop is mounted on top of the sink this could be an exception. This will definitely affect the faucet configuration as the faucet will be replaced along with the countertop. In case you are trying to replace just the countertop, then it is almost not feasible. A lot of other elements have to be replaced along with the countertop and one example for these elements included would be the garbage disposer which is quite difficult to uninstall. So think before planning for a replacement of the plumbing set which has dependency on various other elements.more information at http://www.laslokitchens.com/7-things-know-replacing-kitchen-counters/.

4. Backsplash

Backsplash is closely related to the countertop, and if you are planning to replace your kitchen with a new countertop, then make sure you get a backsplash replacement too. Both backsplash as well as countertop materials match and coordinate well with each other and also backsplash has to be mounted on the countertop. So consider both these in your budget in case you are planning to replace one of them.

5. Old appliances

If you have relatively old appliances which are not functional, then it is really essential to replace them with the new ones. However, if the appliances are quite new and having some functional problems, then you can get them repaired than shedding a lot of money for buying new ones.

kitchen cabinet

6. Lighting

Under cabinet lighting is quite easy to install and very useful feature used in most of the kitchens these days. However, at times it might be difficult to fix the wires systematically.

7. Shop carefully

If you are buying a custom modified item like a cabinet, then it would definitely cost you more. Instead if you choose a good quality standard item, then it can save your money.

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